International Consulting Limited LLC (Egypt)

Is an international consulting company operating for the past decade in the Arab Republic of Egypt providing Private Sector and Government with consultation and other services at the top level of professional responsibility

ICL is a well known brand for international consulting around the world and especially related to economic issues, international financial matters, trade, political analysis, security and other consulting services

ICL and its staff of experts in Egypt and around the world have provided services to Major Companies, Kingdoms, Presidents and Civil Society alike for more than 25 years (18 in Egypt);

ICL is known as a leader in International Cross Boarder Consulting Services  (Project Package Preparation for Lenders and Gov)

Block Chain Technology and Crypto-Currency Platform and Creation Technology and Support Services for Private Sector and Government institutions as well as consultation on the new industry and systems to aid policy makers

Renewable Energy Studies and Consultation throughout the Arab African Region.

We Strive to provide the best services to our clients at the most economic cost possible. 

Fast turnaround and Follow Up, ICL is your solution in today's complex world.

Specialized Consulting in complex BRICS Economic Block of Countries and experts in Geopolitics, Economics, and Business

Russia Egypt Trade Consultation - China Egypt Trade Consultation -  Arab-African Trade and Relations Consultation

Economic, Trade, And Finance Consulting to Arab and African Governments and Private Sector Clients, including Training and facilities consulting for legislation and modernization, Block-chain, Islamic Banking to  Banks and Government Ministries and Regulatory Agencies, the private sector special interests and stakeholders in Africa and the MENA region